Our Mission is to be the fastest and most effective source for research, filing, and the delivery of court documents in the Memphis, Tennessee area.

Our Staff

Here to Serve You!

Office Staff

5 Full Time Office Staff Members

Located one block from the courthouse, allows us to pick up and return documents at least three times a day. Delivering your document is only half the job. Returning a paper to the courthouse requires an affidavit of service be prepared, notarized, stapled, signed by the server, and then physically returned to the court within the time requirement set by the courthouse (four business days prior to the court date).

While most process service companies have to allow several days to prepare their returns, we routinely accomplish this task in minutes. This allows our servers to set the absolute shortest possible court date, typically getting you into court one to two weeks sooner. Our administrative advantages also include:

  • We research and provide you with garnishment answers.
  • Problem papers are skip traced using our proprietary databases.
  • You can view your password protected account online.

Delivery and Office Staff

12 Full Time Court Appointed Process Servers

Insures your important filings are attempted quickly and repeatedly until served.

All Forcible Detainer Warrants (FEDs) Are Attempted Within 12 Hours Of Receipt

From the courthouse and then attempted daily until served or posted. When service is accomplished, we set the absolute shortest possible court date!

Automatic Rush Service On Garnishments And Levies Going To Banks
(because the courthouse sells the list of garnishees to bankruptcy firms).

Fully insured with general liability, workers compensation and, most importantly, errors and omissions coverage.